Brief Guide to Get Starslider

Do you want to buy Starslider and you don’t know how to get it?

Here you can find a brief guide to order Starslider and support our project. Let’s start opening another tab to screen the kickstarter page of Colibry. Ctrl + Click HERE

If you see the picture of Step #1 you are in the right place!


Click on the button “Back This Project” and proceed to the next page where you’ll be able to choose the pledge you prefer.



Here’s shown the list of offers by Starslider. There are different kind of pledges in order to let you find out which one best suits you. You can purchase from 1€ up to as much as you care. Then continue..


You have to be logged in Kickstarter but don’t panic, it’s easy: just log in with facebook or fill the form with your name, mail and password. It’s almost done..


Now you have to choose a payment method for the purchase and insert payment data. It’s done, now you can pledge: click the huge green button and wait for Starslider to come!

STEP optional


Before leaving, remember to share this project with your friends!

What will happen then?

Only when we will reach the goal Kickstarter will proceed with the payment and will send you a questionnaire where you can select your shipping address and any other necessary information.
Thanks for your support!
For more information you can write to: